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Digital Espresso & Coffee Scale for Barista

Digital Espresso & Coffee Scale for Barista

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Digital espresso scale:

The digital espresso scale from JoeFrex was specially developed for baristas. Exact quantities are very important for the perfect espresso shot, which is why many baristas use the coffee scale to be as precise as possible. It is ideal for use at home, but is also used in cafés or coffee bars. It has various applications in the kitchen and can of course be used in many different ways. Many customers want the product because the perfect espresso requires precision.  


Functions & details:

With the dimensions: 11cm x 8cm x 2cm this barista scale is very handy and fits under almost every espresso machine and in every trouser pocket. The espresso scale has a measuring accuracy of 0.1g and is therefore as precise as a barista scale should be. It can weigh up to a maximum weight of 800 g and can therefore be used for almost everything that can be found around the espresso machine. The weighing surface of the coffee scale is made of stainless steel so that it does not rust and can be easily wiped clean. Nevertheless, you should avoid too much moisture. The fine scale has an ON/OFF function, TARE and of course you can set different units of measurement such as GRAMM/ OUNCE / DWT / GN. In addition, the espresso scale has a counting function.


Perfect for measuring coffee:

You can easily weigh the amount of coffee that comes out of your coffee grinder or if you want to know how many grams.

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