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Base Convex for Customized Espresso Tamper

Base Convex for Customized Espresso Tamper

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Espresso Tamper Base Convex

  • Compatible with our full range of Handles
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: Ø53/180g   Ø57/58/210g

    All CONVEX bases have a slightly convex surface for pressing the espresso grounds and are made from solid stainless steel on a CNC lathe. Similar to the American Curve, the difference between the centre and the outer edge is 1.5mm.

    Why convex?
    Normally, the surface of the espresso pressed into the filter is not important: whether flat or convex, there is enough space between the surface of the espresso and the filter to allow the water to spread evenly over the espresso and for the powder to penetrate evenly. However, if flat sieves are used, or if significantly more than 7g (1-cup sieve) or 14g (2-cup sieve) is used, there may not be enough space between the espresso powder and the shower head sieve for optimum distribution of the brewing water. In this case, a convex base for customized espresso tamper can be used to leave a trough in the centre for optimal water distribution.   

    The Base CONVEX can be combined with the handles: TECHNIQUE / EXCLUSIVE / POP / ELEGANCE.

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