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Single Coffee Cupping Bowl Top view
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Enjoy your Coffe with the Cupping Bowls from JoeFrex

COFFEE CUPPING BOWL set of 6pcs. 7.5oz

Coffee Cupping bowl 7.5oz - 230ml | set of 6 | for roasters, cupping and espresso tasting events, presentations, Barista competitions

  • Classic white porcelain for coffee cupping & tasting
  • Diameter opening 3.15" inside top, dishwasher safe
  • SCAA type of standard coffee cupping bowl
  • Perfect for coffee and espresso cupping and tasting events or barista competitions

    set of 6 cupping bowls - perfect for coffee cupping events and barista competitions - ideal size, made of high quality porcelain, holds 7.5 oz (228 ml) - 3.15" inside diameter at top, rounded inner bottom, Diameter outside top: 90mm

    Order Nr. cp06