Coffee Siphon for 5-Cups fresh brewed Coffee in Glass Tablet
Coffee Siphon open in Glass Tablet
Coffee Siphon filled with Coffee in Glass Tablet
Cooked Coffee in the Glass Siphon

Coffee Siphon for fresh brewed Coffee in Glass Syphon Tabletop

Coffee Siphon for fresh brewed Coffee

Premium Glassware –Both glass bowls are made of the best quality heatproof glass called borosilicate which are very easy to clean coffee siphon

The All-In-One siphon package includes all the gadgets you need for siphon brewing. It is also suitable for brewing iced coffee.

Makes about 3-5 cups of fresh brewed cups of coffee

Coffee Siphon Glass Syphon Coffee Maker The Coffee Siphon Next comes with the stainless metal and cloth filter assemblies. The handle is made of rubber and gives you a firm grip. Cover and upper bowl stand, Alcohol lamp holder, Measuring spoon : Polypropylene Upper bowl, Lower bowl, Alcohol burner : Heatproof glass Packing, Metal filter : Silicone rubber Fastener : Stainless Steel Stand : Silicone rubber, Stainless steel, Iron, Zinc alloy Burner cover, Metal filter : Stainless steel Windbreak : Aluminum Filter : Cloth, Stainless steel

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