espresso or barista shot glass from Joefrex for measuring single and double shot of ristretto and espresso, lines by 0.75 1.0 1.5 and 2.0 oz
espresso shot glasses under a espresso machine. filled with espresso. shown as a perfect barista tool for coffee interested people, which search for tools for barista
espresso shot glass made out of heat safe glass. suitable for hot espresso. perfect barista equipment for barista
two barista shot glasses with dimensions . double espresso and single espresso as well as single ristretto and double ristretto is marked. small espresoo shot glass, which fits under every espresso or coffee machine.
a hand which holds a espresso shot glass in front of a dishwasher, showing that the coffee shot glass is dishwasher safe

Espresso Shot Glass-/ Barista Measuring Glass 2oz

Espresso & Barista Shot Glass

This Stylish espresso shot glass is made for single espresso shots or ristretto shots. But you can also use it for double espresso or ristretto shots. The Coffee Glass is often used as a measuring glass as it has accurate with markings which make it easy to measure your Espresso or Coffee. This is a tool for barista and an important espresso tool in every Kitchen.

Dimensions and measuring

The Dimensions of the Espresso shot glass are 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 6.5cm (1.8 x 1.8 x 2.6 inch), meaning it is suitable for content of 60ml / 2oz. With these Dimensions the espresso shot glass can fit under any espresso machine or coffee machine. the label or marking on the barista shot glass is of course white so that you can read it easily when the dark coffee is in it. With an Accuracy of +/- 5% is this coffee glass a very accurate espresso glass. The heat resistant Glass is in a elegant square design an very modern in the barista scene. We recommend to hand wash the barista tool, so the imprint is preserved, but of course you can put it in the dishwasher. The Coffee glass is dishwasher safe.

professional espresso shot glass for baristas

You definitly will have very much fun with this barista tools for your professional espresso shot and ristretto shots in the italien barista style. If you start to measure your espresso shot you will get better espresso and cappuccino results and you are one step closer to being a professional barista. The clear glass espresso glass is a helpful barista tool for setting up and detemining the degree of grinding in relation to brewing time and brewing quantity of your preferred espresso shot. The Espresso Shot Glass measures single and double Shots of Espresso and Ristretto.

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