Espresso tamping mat in food grade silicon black. perfect espresso tool  for baristas who want a tamping mat in front of their espresso machine
Espresso Tamping Mat S, Coffee Packing Mat 6"x8" Silicone food grade black, Tamper Rest for your espresso tamper
the barista tamper mat with inches. length 7,8inch an width 5,9inch. espresso accessories for perfect tamping
portafilter on tamper mat. portafilter filled with coffee. on the tamper rest of the tamping mat ist the espresso distributor. tamping mat shows that you  can perfectly use it as tamping station
tamping mat as a tamping station in front of a espresso machine and espresso grinder and portafilter. espresso tamper stand on the tamper rest of the tamper mat. A classic design choosen for this timeless and durable tamping mat

Tamping Mat S for Barista - 6"x 8"- espresso tamper pad

Espresso Tamping Mat S - Tamper Mat 6"x8"- Silicone food grade black 


professional tamping mat small:

This tamping mat is made out of food grade Silicon and of course is black. With this Barista Tool you can tamp more comfortable and you have a space where to put the Portafilter, when preparing the Coffee for the Espresso Shot. There is an integrated tamper rest, so you always have a place to leave your tamper and so that everything looks neat and tidy in your barista corner. A place to prepare for your real italian espresso or cappucino. The Dimensions are 15 x 20cm - 6" x 8". This tamping mat is the original protection for your countertop, which many professional Baristas or Cafés use. The perfect place for your barista coffee tamper.


Tamper mat for protection:

Silicone Tamping mat featuring 3mm thick silicone to protect your work surfaces. The food grade silicone is raised to 6mm around the edges to avoid spillage. Therefore the tamping pad protects your table from the sharp edges of your portafilter, when you are tamping. Also of course the portafilter and the tamper will be protectet from the table. This "mini tampingstation"  provides everything you need for your tamping. The tamping pad is a cushioning work surface & serves as a gentle buffer for barista fans.


Durable and high quality silicon tamping mat

As the first seller to offer a tamper mat in silicone in Germany, JoeFrex has now been proving the durability of their barista mats for nearly 10 years, both in private households and in the gastro industry. Many cafés and baristas use this barista tool for many years as a tamping station directly in front of their espresso machine. placed on the counter top, the coffee grounds can be perfectly compressed in the portafilter. The name JoeFrex stands for perfect espresso and cappuccino tools.


This black silicon espresso tamping mat can be easily cleaned. Under the tap dirt can be easily removed in less than 1min. The espesso tamping mat provides a tidy, neat & professional "look".  

Our Tamping Pad has been popular for many years, as the non-slip silicone retains grip on any surface, ensuring intensive & precise work. making a fast and good espresso means having the right espresso accessories you can rely on. This is the only way to make the original italian tasting coffee. Professional tasting coffee means professional espresso tools. 

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