Coffee Tamper Handle Technic Red
espresso tamper spring loaded red
espresso tamper handle spring loaded
adjustable tamper pressure handle
adjustable coffee tamper pressure handle

Tamper Handle Technic Red

Tamper Handle Technic Red for perfect espresso tamping

Espresso Coffee tamper handle (without base) adjustable Dynamometric click release for perfect consistent pressure control professional espresso tamping made easy - barista style

screw with standard M8 thread fits all JoeFrex tamper bases


This unique and sophisticated tamper handle with its integrated precision release mechanism allows you to perfectly set and control the correct pressure you require for optimal espresso results, depending on the type and coarseness of the coffee grounds, your machine settings and also on your personal preferences. Our meticulously engineered pressure limiter can be calibrated within a range of 8kg to 21kg (18 lbs to 46 lbs) by adjusting the central screw bolt inside the handle casing. The dynamometric tamper will automatically trigger a click-release once the pre-selected pressure is reached. The handle with its screw-on cap consists of anodized aluminum, the pressure-sensitive device inside is manufactured with stainless steel. CAUTION: do not interfere with the two Allen head screws at the lower sides of the handle! Do not put the handle or tamper into a dishwasher! Tamper Handle Technic Red - Material: Aluminum anodized, stainless steel - Weight: 260g 9.18oz - Compatible with all our tamper bases - Order Nr. htr