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Knock Box Drawer Base EXCLUSIVE L

Knock Box Drawer Base EXCLUSIVE L

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The Drawer Base EXCLUSIVE L is a Professional drawer base for commercial use, especially designed for the Mahlkönig K30 Twin grinder

For an efficient and professional disposal of coffee grounds, we propose our practical knock box drawers. Installed as a solid base under a grinder or espresso machine, they are space-saving, unobtrusive and an indispensable tool for any barista. The knock bar is removable and replaceable, made of a solid aluminum core covered with food-grade silicone. Heavy duty stainless steel construction. Features 3 solid rubber blocks for support and a damped knock bar to reduce unwanted knocks and noise! 

Measurements: 14.17" W x 11.81" D x 4.33" H - W: 36cm x D: 30cm x H: 11cm

Weight: 15.4 pounds, 7kg 

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