Knock Box Metal Exclusive
Heavy Stainless Knock Box

Knock Box Metal Exclusive - Stainless Steel

Knock Box Metal Exclusive

High Class Heavy Knock Box of Stainless Steel

Our top-of-the-range model Knock Box Metal Exclusive has been especially conceived for restaurants and bars. Its impressive volume capacity is approx. 3.5 Litres (1 gallon), and it weighs a hefty 6.2lbs, 2.8 kg - Two massive rubber blocks at the base are designed to dampen unpleasant bangs and noises and also ensure maximum stability and surface protection.

Material: Stainless Steel brushed, rubber

Dimensions: 8.7" x 6.3" x 4.4" - 22cm x 16cm x 11cm

Used by Many Coffee Shops and Bars

This knock box is mostly used in coffee shops, bars or similar. Professional baristas rely on this model and work with it for many hours every day. Many baristas like the fact that the knockbox has a large capacity. With a capacity of 3.5 liters, it is definitely one of the larger knock boxes and rarely needs to be emptied. This is why it is also popular in many bars and coffee shops.  

With a capacity of around 3 liters, the Knock box has almost three times the capacity of a classic Knock box.

Modern & State of the Art Knock Box

this knock box is clearly a top end product, which for many in the barista scene is a very modern product. With its simple lines and heavy construction, it currently fits into many kitchen styles. The espresso knock box is made of high-quality stainless steel, which does not rust and is very robust. Many espresso artists and coffee shops use the knock box because it fits in well with the general look of the café and blends in perfectly with the espresso machine. The wide bar, the depth and the stable stand make it possible for the baristas to knock off the portafilter relatively roughly and quickly and to get to the next espresso shot quickly.

Shock Absorbent & Removable Knock Bar

This knock box is coated with shock and noise absorbing silicone. The silicone is of course made of food-safe material. The black silicone absorbs the impact and therefore the filter holder can be knocked off with a lot of force and nothing happens. The thick aluminum rod, which is in the silicone tube, is really extremely stable and can withstand just about anything that can happen in a coffee shop. 

Recycling of the Coffee Pucks

The collected coffee pucks can be collected in the knock box to be recycled later. Used coffee is ideal for fertilizing the plants or makes a great addition to the compost. on the other hand, dried coffee pucks are great for burning at the next BBQ or simply in the evening in the fireplace.

Knock Box with a Stable Stand

This knock box has been designed and conceived by us in such a way that it is extremely stable. Due to its heavy weight, it stands very firmly. We have also fitted thick rubber feet to make it non-slip and even more stable. The rubber feet also serve as a kind of second buffer so that the impact from the portafilter is not transferred to the kitchen worktop.

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