Knock Box Metal S

Knock Box Metal S - Stainless Steel

Knock Box Metal S - Polished Stainless Steel - Small

The Knock Box Metal S is a compact and practical knock box and one of the most popular items in our range. Its thick non-slip rubber base and the inserted waste container which is easily removable by lifting the wooden knock bar make it fun to use and also safe for your work surfaces.

Dimensions: W x D x H: 4.7" x 4.7" x 5.5" - 12cm x 12cm x 14cm 


Begin your barista journey and take your skills to the next level.

This espresso tool product is a knock box designed to accompany people on their barista journey. With a capacity of 1.2 liters, this knock box is a knock box that lasts about a week for a small family household. Of course, this depends massively on coffee consumption. If you are new to the barista theme and really want to get the perfect shot with your espresso machine, then the knock box container may fill up quickly.

This knockbox made of expensive stainless steel is made for people who want to have a barista buddy by their side and for those who are starting to become more professional.

Of course, it is also ideal as a knock box for professional baristas who simply don't drink that much coffee at home.


Stable Knock Box in polished stainless steel for your home

This barista knock box is a barista essential, because for professionals three things are most important besides their coffee machine. Tamper, milk jug and knock box. These things are indispensable in every barista's corner and everyone who wants to make their way to a perfect espresso shot or a perfect Italian cappuccino needs these essentials. The stainless steel knock box is ideal for the home user who wants to make a good cappucino for themselves and their family on a rainy day and your family will appreciate it.

In coffee shops, it is important that the espressos can be made in quick succession and things can get hectic. For these not-so-calm moments, it was important to us that our knock box exudes a certain kind of stability. Thanks to the square design and the black silicone at the bottom of the knock box, it is virtually impossible to knock the knock box over in the heat of the moment.

Recycling of the coffee pucks

The collected coffee pucks can be collected in the knock box to be recycled later. Used coffee is ideal for fertilizing the plants or makes a great addition to the compost. On the other hand, dried coffee pucks are great for burning at the next BBQ or simply in the evening in the fireplace. 

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