milk jug or milk pitcher by joefrex
Milk Jug  3oz/90ml for latte art and barista. next to a espresso machine and a knockbox

Milk Pitcher - Special Design - 3oz/90ml

Milk Jug 3oz/90ml – for Single or Double Espresso Shots 

Ideal for making Latte Macchiato and other Coffee drinks. With 3oz/90ml is this stainless steel milk pitcher the smallest available barista milk pitcher you can get. This jug is used for pouring espresso into milk for creating espresso latte drinks such as a latte macchiato. Care instructions: The jug is suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.

Height: 50mm

Ø 48mm

Begin your barista journey and take your barista skills to the next level.

With this milk jug, you get not only an espresso tool, but also a barista buddy to accompany you on your long journey to becoming a professional barista.

Milk jugs are an indispensable part of the barista corner for professional baristas. They are a must and can be found in any coffee shop, bar or restaurant that serves cappuccino. Cappuccino is an Italian classic that is traditionally drunk in cafes most mornings. For many years now, the milk pitcher has been a standard piece of equipment found in most households that want to drink quality coffee. With the milk pitcher, you can froth the milk on the steam wand of your machine, and once the milk is at the desired consistency, you can simply pour it into the cup through the spout. Of course, professional baristas can swirl the milk pitcher during this step for latte art.

In many kitchens, the milk pitcher is used for more than just frothing milk; some people use it to steep tea, others to drip coffee filters, while others simply use it as a container for storing liquids in the refrigerator.

Polished Stainless Steel - Italian Classic

This milk pitcher series is designed to look like what you would traditionally find in an Italian bar: polished stainless steel. There are many new colors, but this classic is still the most popular and best-selling milk pitcher style and is as modern as ever.

Start your day fit and satisfied with a good cup of cappuccino. energized by the caffeine in the espresso shot and satisfied by the successful milk foam, a cappuccino is just what most of us need in the morning.

Make a really good cappuccino for your loved ones and spend some quality time with them. Everyone appreciates a good cup of coffee.


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