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Milk Steaming & Frothing Thermometer

Milk Steaming & Frothing Thermometer

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Featuring a unique 2-degree dial, this thermometer provides accurate readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for optimal control over your milk temperature.
Our original design incorporates colored areas on the dial to ensure effortless reading and eliminate any guesswork. A clever shut-off indicator at 60°C (140°F) is your ally in preventing milk from overheating, so you get that perfect froth every time.
The large 1.75" diameter dial is easy to use, while the 5.5" length offers flexibility. Calibration instructions are conveniently located on the stem cover, and hot and cold calibration points are marked on the faceplate for added convenience.
To make your barista routine even smoother, our thermometer comes with a clip for easy attachment to your steam pitcher. 

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