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Coffee Grinder Cleaner -NATURAL Grind 500g

Coffee Grinder Cleaner -NATURAL Grind 500g

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 "NATURAL Grind - Cleaner for coffee grinder 500g"


NATURAL cleaning is the new cleaning series that wants to offer you products that are as "non-toxic" as possible.  Product information "NATURAL Grind - Cleaner for coffee grinder 500g"

  • Developed by JoeFrex
  • All natural


There are good reasons for this:
What if the products do get into children's hands?
What if the user is distracted and the cleaners are not properly removed or rinsed out?
Could some of the cleaning agents end up in the espresso or cappuccino?
What happens to all the cleaners in the waste water and the environment?


And so we are of the opinion that to avoid all these things, small sacrifices in effectiveness are already acceptable. The goal is: not to produce less toxic agents, but products that are not harmful in the first place.  

NATURAL grind mill cleaner from natural products The mill cleaner Clean-Grind, developed and produced by us, is a top-quality product based entirely on natural products. This means that we use a mixture of different types of grains and natural products so that you can quickly and conveniently clean the dead space of your coffee grinder.

 What is so special about CleanGrind? Why can't I just clean my grinder using the old "grandmother principle" with rice?

Well, that worked under the conditions that a coffee grinder from "back then" had. Today's espresso grinders would simply get stuck or fail to start when you stop in between, each of which would require tedious unscrewing. The trick is to create a mill cleaner that does not cause the mill to jam, but cleans the dead space as comprehensively and thoroughly as possible and, above all, does not change the grind setting, which would otherwise require readjustment of the mill.


To ensure that all this functions optimally, we ask you to:

1. Empty the bean hopper, let the remaining coffee beans run empty and pre-clean as far as possible with a mill brush.

2. Set the grinder to a "medium grind" before the cleaning cycle - this will prevent the grind setting from shifting.

3. After approx. 40 g of NATURAL grind have passed through, you can fill in coffee beans again. Please dispose of the first coffee grind with the remains of the cleaner. During the first grinding process, particles of the cleaner may still appear, but this will not affect the taste of your espresso. The removed oily and possibly rancid coffee fats now guarantee a deliciously fresh cappuccino or espresso enjoyment again.


Weight: 500g  

OrderN°: ng5d

NATURAL grind offers you the following advantages:

1. top price-performance ratio due to own production

2. easy handling and dosage

3. available in household and catering sizes



  • For Eureka mills: These mills have a very fine grind adjustment, therefore prefer to turn up further, so you can safely achieve a Mittelen grind, otherwise the mill easily clogged.
  • Not suitable for fully automatic machines!  
  • Not gluten free
  • !!! Packaging with description in German ONLY! (for bags with english descriotion, please see ng5e). 
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