Pressure Gauge Kit for Portafilters
Pressure Gauge Kit for Portafilter espresso machines

Pressure Gauge Kit for Portafilter

Pressure Gauge Kit for portafilter espresso machines

You can use this gauge to check the pump pressure in your espresso machine. You can change the pump to provide 9 bars of pump pressure by knowing the extract pressure. It can measure 0-12 bar

Installing and using the pressure gauge is a simple task. Simply detach the portafilter's spout and screw the gauge into position. After attaching the portafilter to your espresso machine, begin an extraction (with no coffee).

Please make sure your portafilter spout is threaded and removable before placing your purchase.

Thread size: 3/8" 

Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic

Dimensions: 4cm x 7.5 cm (1.6" x 3")

Order No.: xsm