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About JoeFrex

Joerg Rexroth - joefrex 

Welcome to the JoeFrex coffee universe

Established in 1996, JoeFrex has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and distribution of prime quality coffee and espresso tools & accessories for more than twenty years. Dedicated to continuous innovation and the development of original design concepts, the company has established a prestigious reputation for high end products and outstanding manufacturing standards with business partners on all five continents.

We offer a wide range of espresso accessories like tampers, tamping stations, milk pitchers, knock boxes and knock out drawer bases for portafilter machines, as well as cleaning products and professional equipment for cafes, bars, restaurants, barista and coffee roasters.



At JoeFrex, our mission is to take coffee to the people and make it possible for anyone who is as passionate about coffee as we are to become a barista. To achieve this, we offer high quality and easy to use tools that we have been constantly developing since our inception in 1996 to meet our customers' expectations and make perfect coffee possible.


That is why our goal for the future is to enrich and inspire the barista world. We want to simplify the coffee experience for everyone, from the hobby to the professional barista, and bring new creative ideas to the table so that the fun, creativity and quality continue to improve. If you also have any ideas or recommendations, just let us know by contacting ! 


JoeFrex – Your Professional Coffee Tools & Accessoires.