Tamper 51mm perfect for delonghi dedica
espresso tamper 51mm suitable fpr delonghi dedica. the perfect barista tool
Espresso tamper in aluminum is silver and suitable for every 51mm portafilter
espresso tamper 51mm for pressing your coffee in your portafilter for espresso machine
Espresso tamper in front of the espresso machine with barista tools next to it like portafilter tamper mat, Milkpitcher

Espresso Tamper Aluminum Ø51mm

Espresso Tamper Aluminum perfect for Delonghi Dedica

Espresso Tamper in size 50,8mm perfect for Ø51mm Portafilter

This classy espresso tamper is machined out of solid aluminum rods and captivates by its clear lines and smooth precision. Its superiority compared to other products which are merely cast or poured is evident in the accurate fit into the portafilter and the perfectly rounded base. As a finishing touch it is slightly polished before logo and size indication are engraved by laser.   

Order No.: tmaes50,8