Knock Box classic in black wood as a barista tool for coffee interested people. a container which collects the old coffee pucks
The knock box is used pefectly to collect these used coffee pucks, to recycle them and use them for your compost or your fire.
Knock Box Classic Series - Wood

Knock Box Classic Series - Wood

Knock Box Classic Series – Wood with removable container insert for espresso pucks


The Original [JoeFrex] Knock Box since 1996

The JoeFrex Journey started with this Knock Box, when CEO and product developer Joerg Rexroth built these Knock Box Classic Series in his garage for the first customers, who wanted a container for there Coffee. So, this is the product we launched our business with in 1996, and at the time it was probably one of the first knock boxes available. Our popular Knockbox Classic combines stylish design and contemporary minimalism with easy handling and cleaning. Since this point, this product has found favor with our customers. 

The Black espresso knock box is a barista tool that is indispensable in the barista corner. It makes your barista corner always look neat and tidy and gives the whole thing a professional look in every kitchen style.


Barista essential for your Journey to a Barista Expert

For many of our customers, this knock box container is the classic way to start their barista journey. The most important espresso tools of a barista are tamper, milk pitcher & knock box. The Knock Box is therefore one of the most important barista tools you need to get started. The Knock Box will accompany your barista journey for a long time and will always be a reliable part of all your equipment. With this knock box you can hone your skills and learn to make the perfect espresso shot or perhaps the perfect cappuccino.

Professional Barista Knock Box

Many professional baristas use knock boxes for quick and practical handling. Simply knocked out on the wooden rod, the portafilter is emptied in no time and ready for a new espresso shot. The plastic insert is of course food-safe and has a capacity of around 1.2 liters. This lasts for several days of normal use before it needs to be emptied. Simply lift and pull out the rod and put it straight in the compost or in the bin. 

The robust wooden casing houses the integrated PVC container, which lifts out simply by raising the knock bar for swift emptying and cleaning.

Material: painted wood, container insert PVC (not for dishwashers)

Dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5" - 14cm x 14cm x 14 cm

Recycling of the Coffee Pucks

An immense advantage of this knock box is the recycling aspect. The used coffee pucks can be used twice and can benefit you or even save you money. If you collect the used coffee in the plastic container of the Knock Box, you can use it regularly for the following two things. Firstly, used coffee is a really essential fertilizer for plants and is absolutely great in compost, plant soil or similar. Secondly, the coffee puck, if it is still whole, can also be used as a great substitute for wood. dried, the used coffee can simply be thrown on the barbecue or in the fireplace in the evening and burns well. 

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