Tamping station for baristas made of stainless steel and walnut wood. Perfect tamping station for pressing your coffee
Tamping station walnut wood and stainless steel for pressing your coffee
tamping station with tamper stand is the perfect barista tool for  coffee interested people
Tamping station walnut with tamper and portafilter and coffee , ready to be pressed
Tamping station walnut is a portafilter holder and a stand for your espresso tamper.  The perfect barista tool.

Tamping Station Exclusive Walnut with Solid Tamper Stand

Tamping Station Exclusive Walnut, Solid Tamper Stand

Our Tamping Station Exclusive is the perfect tool for both professional and home baristas who want to have a little touch of nature in their kitchen. The semi-circular portafilter dock with its rubberized/cushioned edge is ideally suited to provide stability and safety when tamping the coffee grounds. The rubber ring on the back is a neat place to park your tamper when not in use. All materials and components are hand finished and precision machined. It is compact, solid and easy to use.  

Material: Stainless Steel, Walnut Varnished
Weight 1.3kg
Dimensions: W x D x H : 4.7" x 7.1" x 3.2"
Order No.: txu